baddy4046 said: Add me in Steam for Dota 2: Baddy4046 solo queue 4300's, party 4200's

I did :) moon is nickname

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YouPorn Shows Off Their E-Sport Team Uniform

:DD I can’t described in words how thrilled I am because of this xD I mean e-sports has become a million dollar investment (fuck my English I mean like you can earn millions from it), and why not invest in it? AND Its well known there are more guys than girls on the e-sports scene and guys are more open bout watching porn and probably watch more porn than girls so Imo this will be a hit :D

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breakingboredomm said: Hii c: you should add me on steam and we could play some dota sometime.

Hey ! Sure why not :) WHat server do you play on?

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jcesar15 said: Do u play dota ?

Yes! Well last 3 years Dota 2 :)

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Dogs vs Cats :3
XIN! so cute <3

baddy4046 said: Are you any good at dota 2? Hit me up sometime if you are. Always look for good teammates

what servers u play on? I play on eu servers :)) I can play us east but i mostly have lags…idk i guess im a 4k mmr player..been playing for years now so I can say im decent :)

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